Friday, May 14, 2010

Stationary For the Masses V

I've been in a real Photoshop mood as of late, so today I went crazy making some vintage-themed stationary for the masses. I'm on a real vintage kick at the moment, so there will be more to come, but this is what I have to offer for today. I'm kind of learning as I go along. At the moment I'm using dots rather than lines - it gives it a more handmade feel, in my opinion and I hope you guys like it, too.

^This one features a sonnet of Shakespears that I rather liked...

^ I went for cursive writing here - feels more romantic to me.

^ I cheated with this one and used brushes.

^ I liked this image because it shows two women and I think that speaks moons about snail mail - most often feminine friendship spanning the world.

^ The angel quote and image (to me) kind of went hand in hand :)

So, as you know - please leave the webpage in the stationary if you use it (if I've forgotten to put it in, then smack me and I'll remember for next time). I put it in there because these are free for you, your friend, your boss, that person picking their nose at the cubicle over from you (and so on) :P So help spread the word about the Snail Mail Aficionado Blog!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stationary For the Masses IV

I've been going crazy today making stationary. Todays stationary is darker and more vampire based, so if you're into that, then this batch of lovelies is especially for you! These are definately not rated G and are fairly risque, though do not fully show anything - just as a warning for anyone who is not "down" with that sort of thing.

^ This one isn't really dark-themed, but I figured I would include it today anyway. I made it this morning from a first communion photo from the early 1900's. Hopefully someone will be able to get some use out of it :)

^ Some muted tones with a bit of a poem incorporated. Kinda goth-neuvo (haha!).

^ This one is my first attempt at a more steampunk oriented theme. Not sure how I As you will soon be able to tell, I really like the "old paper" look and have used it a lot today.

 ^ I went a bit nuts with the blood brush on this one, but boy was it fun! lol.

^ Again, this is more for the darker audience and is not for everyone.

^ I tried a different backdrop for this one - let me know if it turns out when it's printed. I can make adjustments if necessary.

^ Gothy with a vampire twist at the end :)

^ And the last one for today - naughty with the whole PVC thing going on.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Worlds Highest Mailbox

My apologies for the lapse in posting - my family has bought what is called a "City Pass" which allows us to go to five different Toronto tourist attractions within the span of 9 days. So far I've been to the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, The Ontario Science Center, Casa Loma and on Thursday we'll be going to the Toronto Zoo.

I have been to all of the above several times before with the exception of the CN Tower. Yesterday was my first time at the CN Tower and (hindsite is always 20/20) I learned while up there that there is the Worlds Highest Mailbox on the main deck. I was so giddy when I saw it (My husband kept saying I was cute - lol) and I really wished I had known in advance that it was there because now I completely want to send dozens of packages and letters from up there. Worlds Highest Mailbox! Eeee!

I, of course, took a picture for you guys:

And if it wasn't so expensive to get up there again, I would totally follow through with posting things from up there.

If anyones travelling to or around Toronto, Ontario Canada to visit - definately check out the Worlds Highest Mailbox and be sure to take some letters with you!

There's also a mailbox on the main floor of the CN tower as well which may be free to get to - there's a lot of checkpoints you have to get through for different stages, and I'm not really sure if the gift shop is accessible or not - I would advise calling in advance to find out.

There's also a rather expensive restaurant up there, but I'm sure the view is worth the expense :)

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