Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stationary For the Masses IV

I've been going crazy today making stationary. Todays stationary is darker and more vampire based, so if you're into that, then this batch of lovelies is especially for you! These are definately not rated G and are fairly risque, though do not fully show anything - just as a warning for anyone who is not "down" with that sort of thing.

^ This one isn't really dark-themed, but I figured I would include it today anyway. I made it this morning from a first communion photo from the early 1900's. Hopefully someone will be able to get some use out of it :)

^ Some muted tones with a bit of a poem incorporated. Kinda goth-neuvo (haha!).

^ This one is my first attempt at a more steampunk oriented theme. Not sure how I As you will soon be able to tell, I really like the "old paper" look and have used it a lot today.

 ^ I went a bit nuts with the blood brush on this one, but boy was it fun! lol.

^ Again, this is more for the darker audience and is not for everyone.

^ I tried a different backdrop for this one - let me know if it turns out when it's printed. I can make adjustments if necessary.

^ Gothy with a vampire twist at the end :)

^ And the last one for today - naughty with the whole PVC thing going on.


PostMuse said...

The last one rings my bells. There is only one person in my address book (which has 7000 contacts ... I'm not kidding) who I know would appreciate it, and I'm sending her a link right now so she can see it. She is on vacation with no Internet, but she'll look when she comes home next week. Thank you for the post!

Boneneedle Arts and Crafts said...

oooh, I looooove these papers <3. It'd so freaking hard to find Gothic/Fetish stuff

catwrangler said...

Ha, I'm the one PostMuse was talking about. I love the 2nd from the bottom one. Very clever!

O Arrow said...

Well, these are amazing! Good work.

Mag said...

Hi Jessica!

It's Mag, your penpal. Really lovely stationery that you posted here! Thanks for your creations! I'll try to print some of them and use them for some of my letters. :)
Your letter is on the top of my pile and hopefully, I'll write you soon.
Take care and have a nice week!


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