Thursday, July 22, 2010


Snail Mail Aficionado has reached 100 followers!  Read through this post as I ask YOU, my followers LOADS of questions!

I just want to thank everyone for sticking with me in starting up this blog. Thank you to everyone for following me here on Blogger!

It really makes me feel justified in posting when I know you guys are reading and appreciating what I'm posting.

In the future - what kind of things would you like me to post? Do you like the free stationery or do you prefer me posting images of the mail I receive and the mail I send out? Please, your comments really make my day and I would love to know more about what YOU, my loyal followers, would like to see on this blog. I am happy to accomodate :)

What are your thoughts on doing contests and give-aways on this blog? I've tried it before and no one signs up for them, so I never end up giving anyone anything - and I'd REALLY love to be able to send a special person, a winner a great snail mail package.

Do you have a blog you could post my give-aways on? Let me know!

Also - is anyone interested in doing a banner exchange? Either from one blog to another or from this blog to your website. Leave comments and let me know, or you can e-mail me at:    OR you can send me a letter at:

Jessica Armstrong
98 Luke St.
Oshawa, ON
L1G 7G4


Jessica said...

Testing to make sure comments work

panykattack said...

I like the free stuff but I also love seeing pics of the packages you send/receive!

And I don't think you've done any giveaways since I started following so I say yes to those! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Hey snail mail.
I have just started watching your blog and im enjoying all the different links that you have. I love the Burton style creeplings that you have done. The bunny one is my favourite!
As i said before i am very busy with my little one but hopefully I will be able to read more of your posts in the near future :) keep it up!

The Missive Maven said...

I am not into printable stationery myself, but maybe other folks dig it - your designs are fun, though.

What I like most is photos and descriptions of mail sent and received.

As for giveaways, I almost never enter them because I have so much stuff anyway! So don't take my abstention personally.

chandlerguera said...

Congrats on 100 followers! I really enjoy seeing pics of incoming/outgoing mail and mail art and I have sometimes printed out the freebies that people post. I love giveaways, too and sometimes enter them. It all depends on how much you can take on with organizing a giveaway.


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