Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm still alive!

Just a post to let you guys know I'm still alive - it's been wicked hot here in Southern Ontario and I've had about a weeks worth of sun stroke and let me tell you - it's not fun.

I'm behind on my letters, behind on my scanning for Arachneas Attic - behind on everything, that is, except reading.

I've been pollishing off about a book a day. I'm re-reading some old favourites from highschool. Last night I "re-finished" Hunters Moon by O.R. Melling. The perfect book for a Canadian girl with an Irish heritage. Being taken away by the Fairie folk and getting married to the King of Fairies himself! I love O.R. Mellings writing and definately recommend any and all of her books. I've found two of them, and am on the lookout in the used bookstores for more of them. Not the easiest books to find.

I also finished reading an old classic - Madeleine L'Engle's Wrinkle in Time - very good book, but a bit slow in parts. I dragged myself through the second book - A Wind in the Door - a very slow read and not much of anything actually happens in the book - a little disappointing. We'll see what happens in the next one.

I'm also breezing through the Series of Unfortunate Events books - I'm on to book 8 out of 13 now. Very silly books, but a good read none the less. I enjoyed the movie that came out a long while back - Jim Carey did an excellent job as Count Olaf.

What else? Oh - I just started the Pendragon Series by D.J. MacHale - and by just started I'm only a chapter or two in at the moment. I've got to get used to the letter-like-first-person writing. Not used to it, but not bad so far.

What are you guys reading right now? I would love recommendations!


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Maria Isabel said...

Wow that's a lot of reading! I have read and love most of the books you mention. I love Ä wrinkle in time"and the others. The series of Unfortunate events are great too, but a bit depressing sometimes. Right now I just finished with "The Help"and its fantastic! I was thinking of writing about it so enough, but life gets in the way~!


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