Monday, June 21, 2010


As promised - pictures of my flea market finds:

^ ink pen and inkwell from the turn of the century

^ I'm not sure where to display it - hubby wants to go to IKEA to get a display case - I wish we had the money to do so.

^ And here's the book I stumbled upon - I can't believe it! And, for all of you who don't have an awesome flea market to look through - I've found a free online copy for you to read through, if you so choose, Check it out here.

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twigandtoadstool said...

Great blog...I'm all for the joy of letter writing! I have an 80 year old, folk artist penpal from Florida. I saw her address on the back of one of her paintings on Ebay, and wrote her a letter, and we've been writing ever since...I cherish her sweet letters.
She calls herself "grandma" ruby, to my two kids!!
Keep up the great work!
xo maureen


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