Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Good Letter Writing Day

I finished two letters today, and about two yesterday, as well - I'm back on the horse!

There's still a big pile to go, but I'm on a roll. I just have to put them in envelopes and make them shnazzy (one of the best parts!).

It has recently come to mind that I haven't told anyone much about who I am, outside of posting mail art, goodies and just fun stuff in general. My name is Jessica, though I prefer Jess - I'm 25 years old and I live in Southern Ontario, in Canada. I'm married to my husband of two and a half years, Noel - who puts up with my shenanigans probably more than he should ;)

                       ^ We were feeding a not-so-shy raccoon who came out of the marshes at Lynde Shores

We live in a small semi-detached home here in Oshawa with our 2 dogs: Max and Jake, 2 cats: Monkey and Merlin, 2 red-eyed tree frogs: Baldur and Hel and our two baby tarantulas and plethora of fish. It's a zoo over here!

         ^ Toronto, the closest major city to Oshawa, as taken from the CN Tower a couple weeks ago!

I'm a giant geek, and I mean that in the nicest of ways. I love fantasy stuff, video games, computer and tech support jokes, brittish comedy, photography, cooking, baking, watching horror movies, comedies and documentaries, mail art, penpalling and any type of arts and crafts I can get my hands on. I've tried bookbinding, scrapbooking, envelope making - and I'm willing to try pretty much anything. The world is my crafty oyster!

                                              ^A boardwalk out to the marsh at Lynde Shores

Outside the house, I love going to Provincial Parks, conservation areas, etc. for hiking, camping and mad picture taking. Most frequented is Lynde Shores in Whitby, ON which is a bird conservation. You can get the birds to come and land in your hand and eat peanuts. It's such an amazing feeling!

                                               ^Noel feeding a chickadee at Lynde Shores

I've never been good at talking about myself, so if you guys have any questions - ask and I'll post answers in a reply.

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