Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Etsy Finds

Firstly, let me apologize for my slow updates as of late. The weather has been nice and I've been out gardening, and then coming in exhausted for the rest of the day/night. I haven't even had it in me to write any letters in the past couple of days. So, I'll also apologize to any penpals who read my blog who are awaiting letters - I haven't forgotten you, I promise!

On the downside, I've either caught a cold or my allergies are haunting me due to the change in weather so my head feels like it's floating above me near the ceiling at the moment. And that spot under my nose hurts now from blowing my nose so much.

I figured now would be as good a time as any to share some more awesome Etsy finds with everyone. I'm not addicted to Etsy, I swear! *innocent look*

This lovely frame comes to us from the mind of  Pink Bird Creations. I adore the creative use of postal stamps. It brings new ideas to mind of what else we can do with all those stamps we get in the mail. Never throw them out!

Though it may be a little out of my price range - I can't help but love this postage stamp belt from Emerge Designs. I have the very same stamps used in the belt and I love them - beautifully implemented!

Next on todays list, we have "Owl Post Stationary" from Celestefrittata. I love the concept in Harry Potter of having owls deliver the mail - and this stationary just fits the bill perfectly. And for $4.00 USD, you just can't go wrong. Celestefrittata also has some other Owl Post themed items stocked in the shop as well right now, so definately go take a look!

I had a bit of trouble narrowing down which item in this shop to feature - as they are all absolutely amazing for anyone who snail mails and loves mail art. They are vintage and postage-themed sticker seals that are hand made. These are available at Seasonal Delights . I think I am literally  in love with everything in this shop. I could find a use for all the goodies. Have any of you ordered from Seasonal Delights before? I hope once I've got some more money in my account, I'll be able to order some of these.

And last up today, this lovely greeting card from Amy Sue Crafts . Beautifully put together, and I'm sure a treat to receive. I love both the colour and design of this card.

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