Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Stationery and Reminders

Here you have a lined and an unlined version of a Christmas themed printable stationery sheet for the holiday season. Use it in good cheer! 


Is your letterbox a little light these days?
Wishing for a friend from whoknowswhere?

Well then, read on!

I want to implement something new here on SMA called New Penpal Mondays. Every Monday I will post a penpal ad from one of my lovely followers or readers. All you have to do is send me an e-mail at: with the following information:

About You:

Small itty bitty tiny print:
* You have to be over the age of 13
* You have to want SNAIL MAIL pals (that is the purpose of this blog, after all!)
* Your about me has to be longer than just one or two sentances
* There's no limit as to how long (but try and be reasonable please)

So, to sum up - Every Monday I will be posting ONE (1) penpal ad. This means YOU will be featured on my blog for one day (don't you feel special? lol) and may get a few e-mails in response.

Tell us about you! Do you swap? Write short or long letters? Love skydiving and urban exploring? Anything at all!

Again, send requests to:   

We need a first penpal for this upcoming Monday, so please message me so we can get you featured!


countrydirt said...

I just sent you my info Jessica! Welcome back!

ItsAPenPalWorld said...

This is a great idea I think.. I will be emailing you.


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