Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Updates and a great opportunity!

Hey everyone!

I'm sure by now you're wondering what's happened to me and my lovely little blog, so here's a bit of an update for you :)

I started a new medication to help not only with my depression, but my diagnosis of schizophrenia as well. Unfortunately the medication did not work out and I developed a severe "tremor" in my right hand, making it difficult to do much of anything. I'm now going back to my old medication for the holiday season and after that, we might try a new medication altogether.

You will notice the blog has changed as well - I want to brighten it up and make it fit my own personality a little bit more.

Also - if you're a follower of my blog and have your own blog or shop related to snail mail - POST A COMMENT HERE and let me know so that I can link to you or provide you with a square advertisement (for free!) on my blog.

The small print here really isn't that small - you've gotta be related to mail in some way - if you're an Etsy store that sells postage stamp art - that works for me. If you have a snail mail blog, that's perfect - shoot me a message or a comment and I'll put up your information here and we'll get some more people over to your blog or shop.


Felicia said...

Wow, that sounds like a rough time! I was diagnosed with depression with summer and put on medication. I can't even say how much that has helped me! I'm glad that you're getting through!

I write about mail sometimes lol. I don't have tons of time for mail these days but I do when I can.

countrydirt said...

Hi Felicia, I found your blog in the late summer and have been waiting for an update. I think I ought to write you a letter.


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