Saturday, March 13, 2010

Are you looking for a penpal?

Well, hopefully this list of websites will help you on the journey to friendship through snail mail:


You can create a profile, searchable by other members. There's also a forum and chat room.

Penpal Heaven

Penpals Now!

I'd be happy to add other sites to the list - especially those run by you - so let me know!


Penpalling and Letters said...
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Penpalling and Letters said...

Hello there!
I have tried to post a comment here for so long, but it never worked. It seems it is possible for me now!
Just wanted to tell that I made a compilation of penpalling sites on the right area of my Blog, and there you can probably see most sites which are active on the net these days... besides some other sites dedicated to crafts and paper supplies.


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