Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Postal Stamp Magnets - A How-to

The other day I was going through all the various extra stamps my husband had put aside for trading on swap-bot when I thought to myself: "These would look awesome on the fridge!" And thus I went bonkers creating "postal stamp magnets".

What you need:
*Magnet sheet, preferably the adhesive kind.
*Extra stamps you think are cool.

What to do:

Peel off the entire white sheet from the adhesive magnet.

Arrange postage stamps as space consciouly as possible on the whole sheet. Then cut them out carefully, making sure you leave the perforated edges. It's seriously that simple - and they look awesome.

Here's some of the ones I just made:

I bought two different kinds of magnetic backing - one was a sheet from the dollar store, and one was a stack of several from Michaels. The Michaels magnets were $5.00 CAD and the magnets from the dollar store were...well, a dollar. The dollar store magnets were better for arranging large amounts of the stamps, were thicker and were of equal strength magnetics as the expensive brand. I highly recommend looking for a cheaper version of magnet if you're going to tackle this simple project. Why not save money, if you can?

I'm pondering putting some of the nicer ones up on Etsy in bundles - what do you guys think? My husband already stole a bunch of them - haha ;)


Ecologic Storyteller said...

Here's an interesting idea, I have a quite a lot of stamps and some are really pieces of art and them would look much better to have some purpose to use them. I just needed to find the magnet. Great idea indeed.

Have a nice end of week,


PostMuse said...

Wonderful idea! I may just spend a couple hours this weekend making postage stamp magnets! Thank you :-)

Courtney said...

Hello! Just found your blog linked from Swap-bot.
This is a really awesome idea - I'm always peeling all kinds of weird stamps off envelopes when they arrive, and then they end up just sitting around because I've no idea what to do with them.
Hope you are well!

Carla Weir said...

I've been saving some free magnet sheets from pizza and other places that give them away, this would be a great use for them, just spray paint them first to make them even colored. Definitely some cute trade items, not sure they would sell on etsy unless they were unusual or themed (birds, love, africa, etc.)

Elle.mental said...

I think selling them on Etsy is a great idea!


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