Monday, March 29, 2010

Would you or wouldn't you?

This post is rated for parental guidance and is meant as a gag. I do not advocate the webpage listed, nor have I ever sent anything in this regard to anyone.

Well I had an amazing weekend and it's going to take some time for me to scan everything in so I can show you what I managed to snag at the auction.

However, for today, I pose this question: Would you or wouldn't you? Now, in this blog, I focus strictly on snail mail. This includes postcards, letters, packages and anything you can send through the mail.

Thusly, I give you Poop Senders. where you can send cow, elephant and gorilla poop to anyone for literally any reason, anonymously.

Some of the reasons the give for sending poop are: a gag, or a gift for someone who has everything.

I have to honestly say that I wouldn't send poop to any of my penpals. Possibly my husband, but that's because he has a twisted sense of humour and would understand it as a gag.

I remember someone on swap-bot posted in the forum once that someone sent her poop. That just blew my mind - who would do that to a swap partner? Or anyone, for that matter - as anything other than a joke between friends? Sending poop out of angry is just...really really mean.

I'm not sure what I think of sites that promote this. Poop Senders is not alone. There are actually a lot of websites out there that will do this for you. I just keep picturing myself being on the receiving end of a poop package and unless it was from someone within my immediate circle of friends and/or family, I would get pretty upset about it.

I guess it has to be anonymous because if not, they could get their butts sued every hour on the hour. So...would you? Would you send poop to someone? If you would - who would you send it to and why? And if not, same questions.


Coleen Franks said...

ok Jessica, I'm following. Very lovely blog. Looking forward to coming back and exploring futher.
Would you follow on mine as well? That helps me to keep yours in mind.
Thanks and happy day. C.

Megan said...

ok that is just so wrong! i cant believe that someone did that to somebody on swap-bot- now i am going to go do a search for the thread about that....

Stephanie said...

That is one stinky send off to someone.
I would not do to anyone even if I don't like that person or even if I wanted to send a gag gift.
It wouldn't be poop.
When mailing it what does one say to the postal clerk when they ask, "What is in your package?"
Or if they ask,"Do you want insurance with that?"
Or will the poop even make it to it's destination?
I mean really .
That is dumb.


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