Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, I've had no mail in about two weeks now and I'm feeling...empty. I need a full mailbox, dammit!

I've started up swapping with swap-bot again and really enjoying putting all the little packages together. I have a box full of FB's that need to find their way to a new destination - I've counted them and have at least 140 of them in a box next to me right now. Some are very nice...I may create a swap on Swap-bot for swapping madly large amounts of FB's.

There's a couple - what do you call them...slams? The ones where each page you answer a different question. I just can't get into those, though I don't know why. If anyone reading this little blog of mine swaps them, I would be happy to send them to you - just let me know by leaving a comment on here or send me a message via my address. You guys know I love getting mail!

Also - I need to find out if anyone swaps first day covers of stamps - they are beautiful, as you will have noticed a couple posts down. It would be great to see some from other countries - so - are there any stamp collectors out there?

I've been going mad creating my own stationary - it's addictive, it really is. I just need to find out how to upload pdfs or word files to the blog, then you guys can print off better versions than the jpgs I posted before.

1 comment:

Muha said...

Did you find any takers for the Slams?

I am Muhajabah on InterPals just drop me a line if you did not find any takers yet, I would love to take them!


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