Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vintage Postcards I and Incoming Mail

As promised, here's a couple of the vintage psotcards I picked up from Saturdays auction in Milton, ON. I scanned a bunch of them, but I'm only going to post a couple for today - I've got loads more to scan, but they're mostly all casino postcards from the 60's to 70's that will probably wind up on e-bay. I'm just not into the whole casino thing - postcards or not. They were hard to get - people were bidding pretty high on them. Hopefully tomorrow's auction will yield something else fun and exciting. Without further ado, here they are:

^ I really like the cartoonishness of this. It reminds me a lot of Betty and Ms. Grundy from the Archie comics.

^ I like the art in this one that mixes the cartoon with a vintage photo - a cute saying to go with the picture, as well.

^ Again, the artwork of the 50's/60's wows me. You can kind of get an idea of what the guy was like who's estate the auction was for. He definately liked the ladies.

^ I like this one because it's so true. A woman will walk around in the tiniest things on the beach and no one cares, but as soon as the same thing happens in town, it's a different story. Again with the pervy-ness of the former owner. lol. This is the last one for today. Hopefully before we leave to go to the auction tomorrow I'll get a chance to scan some more in - there's some old cityscapes that are pretty cool as well that I nabbed.

Today I feel like I got nothing done because I only managed to get one letter written. Yesterday and today I've been so blessed with mail, I was jumping up and down with giddy-ness, I kid you not. Let me share some of them with you:

I got this postcard from Sibylle who I met through Suicide Girls on the penpals forum there. I love the raving rabbids on the postcard - has anyone else played Rayman? The rabbids are awesome :)

Also from Sibylle was this beatiful envelope of loveliness:

     ^ I love stamps from Germany, they're so colourful and pretty - she did an awesome job on the envelope, as well. I love it.

^ And this lovely artwork arrived today from a new penpal and blog reader Courtenay. She read how to make her own envelopes and put the how-to to good use, as you can see. Beautiful map envelope and awesome Christmas stamps. Seasonal or not, they rock - and so does she!

^This cute little postcard came from my best friend Insa in Germany as a promise to write more soon. She's been super busy lately, and I can relate. A sign of life from her is great, though - I tend to worry. And look at that cute calf and that dress is adorable. Woot.

^ This one is from my penpal Hyunji in Korea - she always sends the prettiest things, I swear. And those dinosaur stamps are wicked. My husband saw them and yoinked the letter right out of my hand. He swears he's not addicted to stamps, but I know differently ;) She also has the neatest little handwriting ever. So cute.

^ I have yet to open this huge package of awesomeness from my new penpal Sara - I'm so excited just looking at the time she spent on the envelope itself, but I'm not going to have time to sit down and write until tomorrow or Thursday and I don't want to lose anything.

I need an outgoing mailbox by the door. I just need to find a nice one that I can screw to the wall. I'm paranoid of losing letters with the dogs about. Tails have a tendancy to knock things on the floor and I may never see them again. Boo urns. Maybe I'll make one. I'll keep you guys posted.

That's all for today - happy thoughts, everyone!


j3nnif3r said...

Oh, it arrived!!
But I'm Sara without H, you know. :P

Dana said...

Hello, I'm "MamaD" from SB (the More than one Blog Swap). I really like your blog-I LOVE vintage postcards!!

Thanks for sharing! Dana

Agnes Sim said...

wow..i like those vintage postcard. I
am member of post crossing as well. ;-)

Followed you! ;-)

Bipolar Rollercoaster said...

I LOVE the vintage girlie pc's. I am following your blog. I think this is so neat!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha those Christmas stamps :/. Glad it reached you safely!


Fabi said...

I love the postcards you've bought. And the incoming mail is wonderful as well :)!
I love our German stamps as well. We have a lot nice ones, but we don't have so much to choose from, as we can't use the stamps from before 2002 anymore :(!

Rachel! said...

I LOVE your postcards! They are so cool! The older ones are so funny! A woman must have created them. ;) - skylover

Laoch'Rione said...

Following from swap-bot!!

justawhisper said...

How on earth do you get so many awesome penpals?
I would love to receive and send mail like this.
I'm on swap-bot as well :)

Jennifer said...

wow, you get some great mail! I LOVE RAVING RABBIDS! i'm crazy about RayMan! :) my favorite game ever! and actually, the whole reason i bought the Wii!

and i love those vintage postcards you got! great auction finds!

Siel said...

Hi! I found your blog via the penpals united forum. Just wanted to say that I really like it & that card your friend sent is supercute!

Sibylle said...

Ahhh, I'm glad that you like the card and envelope!
Haha, that postcard from Insa is so cute. :-D

Stephanie said...

Great envies!


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