Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy About Envelopes

This past weekend, my brother in law went to an anime convention and picked up some old 2007 calendars for my envelope making needs - I was so happy! So I made 4 calendars worth of envelopes from a new template I made, that I quite like. Previously, I was using a huge template and had to put it on an angle to fit it on calendars and scrapbooking paper, so the images were always skewed and weren't always recognizable as to what they really were - this way, you see eeeeeverything!

I also got some business cards made for the blog. I'm trying to get more followers and visitors so that I can start hosting contests and give-aways. So please, by all means, tell other people about this blog. You are the ones who give me inspiration to make, create, and write!

I was off to the post office today to put a bunch of swaps in the mail and dropped this off for one of my penpals in France:

It's a stationary set I picked up from last years FanExpo in Toronto featuring Penny Dreadful. It's the same sort of stationary package you can get from Things From Another World (http://www.tfaw.com/More-Products/Stationery) for $4.49 USD plus shipping. Not bad, when you think about it.

When I go to Chinatown in Toronto, I always make sure I go to Dragon City, a tiny little mall on Spadina that has a store called "Rainbow Gifts" upstairs. She has so much stuff packed into that store, I honestly don't know how she does it. The place is kawaii heaven and is where I get the majority of my stationary from. She also has Nintendo plushies and Hello Kitty coming out the wazoo.

I generally pay $3.00 CAD for a letter set with envelopes and $6.50 - $7.00 for a letter pad - so Things From Another World has it square in the middle, which is pretty nice considering the character selection they have - great if you're gothy/geeky and anything in between.


Arachnea said...


j3nnif3r said...

Aw, I want all those envelopes!! *O*

jwsdaughter said...

Great envelopes. I just found your blog today from swat-bot & I've really enjoyed reading it.

Carla Weir said...

would you share your envie template? Or is it one of those you purchase? What I've been doing is saving all those free envies from mailers such as when they send you one in a credit card offer, etc, and just decorating them. It's working quite well but I've been wanting to make from scratch too.


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