Monday, March 22, 2010

First Day Covers (FDC's) And Swapping

The other day while at a post office on the main street of town, they had an awesome little section of old First Day Covers.

If you're unsure what I'm referring to, please check this wiki:

Essentially, it's a sealed envelope with some sort of history or picture on the front, with a franked (cancelled) stamp (or several stamps, depending). Usually very pretty and/or decorative.

I'm wondering if anyone else collects these. My husband does, and these are doubles I've picked up for trading/swapping purposes. I don't know how to do a swap-bot swap for them, as I'm afraid people would end up getting the same thing they send out. Does anyone have any ideas? I posted in the swap-bot forum here:

I can get more of them, if needed. There are others available at the small post office, but I may not be able to get the same ones. I tried to pick out the nicer ones. Great if you're a stamp collector, or if you just want something really cool from Canada :)

They're from different years, each of them and each has its own historical or informatory signifigance.

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Vblarney said...

You could always see who wants to swap for them and then set up one on one swaps so everyone has a partner from a different country (less likely to get a duplicate that way).

Personally, I've heard of them, but have never actually seen one. Definitely has swap potential though!


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