Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mailboxes of Awesomness

I recently went on a little adventure to a town nearby called Bowmanville (mostly known for their small zoo). While exploring the old section of town, we popped into a candy store that's specialty seems to be very stale candy, as well as a store called The White Rabbit. It's a small little gift store that carries a plethora of different things, including - mailboxes to absolutely die for.

Now, we all love snail mail, or at least I would hope that by now, you do. *wink* *wink* So when I saw these mailboxes, I just about had a heart attack. The most decorative things I had ever seen, I kid you not. I had no idea there was a market for decorative mailboxes. The idea of getting pretty things in the mail is just multiplied exponentially by getting that mail in an awesome mailbox.

While I couldn't afford the prices at the store (though I'm positive my husband got the hint for a birthday or Christmas in the future), I wanted to do some more research into the subject.

Thusly, I found: Mailboxixchange ( which has beauties like these up for sale:

Another site with awesome mailboxes for sale is The Mailbox Works ( Shop around for prices, because they can get so very very steep. I'd love to see pictures of peoples mailboxes, so please post them in the comments of this blog post - share the mailbox love!


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